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How to Handle Your Pet’s Reaction When You’re Not Home

Do you know what revenge pooping is? Chances are that if you have a dog, then you do. It’s when a disruption in normal life triggers canine anxiety, causing one or many indoor accidents. All animals are different and have their own creative ways of showing their disapproval, but regardless of what a funny story it makes, if your pet’s acting out, you need to nip it in the bud—with love.

The team at Brooklyn Pet Spa is familiar with all sorts of pet problems, and we assure you that although it seems like your cat or dog has some malicious intentions, their misbehavior always stems from anxiety if not playfulness. We go out of our way to create the best grooming experiences in Brooklyn, because your pet, even if it’s an aloof and unfriendly cat, is highly sensitive.

You’ll find that all professional puppy groomers are familiar with the tantrums often thrown by first-time clients who protest being left behind by their owners. While they’ll eventually get used to bathing and grooming, sometimes their displeasure is directed at their beloved parents for not being home enough.

Stick To A Routine

Think of it this way: your pet has little to no control over most of its life, and not knowing when to expect what can make them anxious. That’s why a routine makes them feel far more at ease. Even if everything can’t be done at the same time every day, adhering to order will help you. For example, regardless of when they get their daily walk, they should know that dinner will come right after. If you can’t immediately spend time with them when you come home from work, they’ll know that, as per the schedule, they’ll get to bond with you after you finish cooking.

Predictability makes it easier for them to be patient, and it makes ownership far easier as well.

Show Love With Quality Time

Whether it’s free play at the dog park or yoga with your cat, a certain amount of time in your day should be spent giving your pad-footed friend your undivided attention. Your pet can accept that you have other commitments, so long as they still feel loved, and regular cuddles are a great way to convince them. Plus, when you’re not home, looking forward to spending time with you might alleviate some of their anxiety and loneliness.

Give Them A Social Life

The truth is, no matter what you do, being home alone will always be traumatic for your pet, even if they stop acting out. It’s best to try and make sure they have company as often as possible, either by inviting someone over to supervise them or by taking advantage of your local puppy daycare.

Brooklyn Pet Spa always dogs everythingspossible to make cats and dogs feel loved and welcome with informed and dedicated staff. Our daycare offers aesthetic dog grooming, professional hair stylists, and dog and cat groomers who are capable of much more than a nail trim. To join our pet spa community, click here.

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