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Indulge in pet paradise!

Expert grooming for radiant pets. Stress-free sessions ensure joy, leaving them pampered and looking fabulous.

loving atmosphere

Loving Atmosphere

walks and time outside

Walks & Time Outside

a second home

A Second Home

secure facilities

Secure Facilities

Bringing a Pawsitive Day care service!

Are you worried about leaving your dog alone due to long work hours and coming home to see a broken vase or torn up couch? We know this can be a frustrating thing to witness, and you are not sure whether a pet sitter will take good care of your dog the way you do. Luckily, Brooklyn Pet Spa offers a dog day care service in Brooklyn for every dog owner of any breed! 

We will take good care of your pet while you are away. With timely meals, plenty of treats, and playtime with their fellow furry buddies, your dog will have the time of their lives! We have been serving pet owners for seven years and are proud to say that we care for your dogs as you do at home!

Feel free to get in touch with our pet day care experts and learn more about the services we provide to your dog while you are away!

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Best Puppy Daycare

At Top Tier Puppy Daycare, we understand the importance of a nurturing environment for your young companion. Our facility is designed to stimulate your puppy’s curiosity, encourage socialization with other playful pals, and promote both mental and physical well-being.

Beyond play, our daycare includes structured activities to enhance your puppy’s cognitive development. We provide regular updates on your furry friend’s activities, so you stay connected to their day.

Choosing Top Tier Puppy Daycare means choosing a premium experience for your pet. Book now to give your puppy a day filled with joy, companionship, and the care they deserve.


Dog Daycare Excellence in Brooklyn

Our dedicated team ensures a secure, stimulating environment for your furry companions, promoting socialization and well-being. Trust us for a day of joy and expert care for your beloved pets.

safe and supervised environment

All the necessary safety equipment is present in our Brooklyn Pet Spa facility to guarantee your dog’s safety when you leave them with us.

Our devoted staff members are qualified professionals who closely monitor all interactions to ensure that all dogs are kept in a secure and safe environment in our pet daycare in Brooklyn, so you don’t need to worry about your little friend being mistreated or neglected. 

oppurtunities for socializing

As we all know, dogs are social creatures who love to play and make new friends, so regular socialization is essential to their general well-being and behavior.

Your dog will have the chance to play and interact with other friendly, carefully screened dogs while at our dog daycare, helping to develop good social skills and lessen loneliness or separation anxiety. Soon your dog will enjoy their visits because they love to be around these other dogs

physical and mental stimulation

We are dedicated to giving your dog an overall “positive” experience. Our pet daycare program in Brooklyn offers stimulating activities like cooperative games, interactive toys, and puzzles to keep the dog’s minds and bodies active.

Regular exercise and mental stimulation are crucial to avoid boredom and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why we at Brooklyn Pet Spa encourage physical activities and ensure a healthy pet-caring environment. 

individualized attention

Every dog is different, and we acknowledge that. Our knowledgeable staff takes the time to comprehend your dog’s personality, tastes, and unique requirements.

Whether your dog prefers loud play in a dog daycare or a calm area for relaxation, we adjust our interactions to suit their particular needs. If you care for them, they will love you back even more! 

stay in touch

Everyone shares a special bond with their dogs, and it is essential to cherish that love and affection while your dog is away. We know how crucial it is to maintain contact with your cuddle buddy even when apart. Regular updates from our dog daycare staff will be sent to you, along with pictures and videos, so you can see how much fun your dog has while at Brooklyn Pet Spa’s dog daycare facility.

So, without worrying and stressing about leaving your dog behind, contact us, and we will explain the procedure and details to you. We take pride in creating a friendly pet daycare environment where your dog can flourish and meet new friends. 

Our top priority is keeping your furry best friend happy and content! 

Schedule a call with our dog daycare!

We have the perfect solution for you!

Booking your beloved furry friend a day at our Pet Boarding near you is the perfect compromise between making sure they are safe and ensuring that they are having the time of their life!

Paw-some Moments

Explore our gallery capturing adorable pets, stylish makeovers, and heartwarming moments that define our exceptional grooming services.


Our Prices

The Brooklyn Pet Spa Boarding Provides


Discover joyous dog days with our unbeatable Dog Daycare Services. Unique and affordable pricing ensures your pup experiences a playful haven of joy and companionship. A paw-fect adventure awaits!


Full Day
(more than 5 hrs)

Doggy Daycare Packages

  • 10 Day – Get 1 Extra Day FREE!
  • 20 Day – Get 3 Extra Days FREE!
  • 30 Day – Get 3 Extra Days FREE + A Groomer’s Bath FREE!


Full Day


Half Day
(up to 5 hours)

Package Bonus

  • 10 Day – Get 1 Extra Day FREE!
  • 20 Day – Get 3 Extra Days FREE!
  • 30 Day – Get 3 Extra Days + A Groomer’s Bath FREE!


Half Day

Package Disclaimer :


Packages NEVER expire – Boarding Packages for boarding only, not interchangable with
our other services & packages.

Pawsitively Happy Clients

Discover why pet owners love our spa! Read heartwarming testimonials, glowing reviews, and shared experiences from our satisfied furry clients.

Chad Johns
Chad Johns
This is a great place for cat grooming near me. They provide excellent grooming services at a very reasonable price range. I highly recommend visiting this place if you have a cat.
Charlie Cunningham
Charlie Cunningham
This pet grooming near me is my go-to groomer. My dog also loves them very much. Whenever I take him there, he comes out all clean and happy. I love this place because they love my pet!
Tommy Carr
Tommy Carr
I was looking for dog grooming near me and went to this spa for my dog’s overall grooming. They are very nice, well-behaved, and have a very competitive price range. I am satisfied with their services.
Dustin Prince
Dustin Prince
Brooklyn Pet Spa has been the 3rd place for a dog bath near me that I have tried in the past six months. And I must admit that they are the best. This spa uses high-quality products to bathe the dog and also ensures comfort. I give them a solid 10.
Finlay Wright
Finlay Wright
Excellent service from this puppy grooming near me. The groomer who was grooming my dog provided A* service. I highly recommend this service.
Dominic Parker
Dominic Parker
I love bringing my kitty to this cat grooming near me. Their spa is lovely and clean, and their staff is super friendly. My cat loves this place, too.
Rosie Kim
Rosie Kim
Brooklyn Pet Spa has been Tyson's groomer since he was a puppy. Even though I have taken him to a few different places, he loves coming back to this place for pet grooming near me. They are definitely the best.
Samuel Mcdonald
Samuel Mcdonald
I am the biggest fan of this spa. They are the best dog grooming near me. From offering various grooming services to ensuring that my dog is clean and proper, they take care of every little thing.
Sidney Barrett
Sidney Barrett
I took my Oreo to this dog bath near me last week, and he just loved the experience there. Usually, my puppy isn’t too fond of bathing, but here, he loved it. I am going to be back again soon.
Hayden Fraser
Hayden Fraser
I recently had the pleasure of discovering this cat grooming near me, and my cat is totally in love with this place. They are friendly, funny, and loving. Both of my cats love going to this place.

Answers on Questions?

Welcome to our Family

Discover answers to frequently asked questions regarding our top-tier Pet Bathing Services, ensuring your pet enjoys a pampering experience.

Services in our Dog Daycare include supervised playtime, socialization with other dogs, feeding (if requested), and a safe, comfortable environment for your dog to enjoy.

You can typically bring your dog to daycare as often as you’d like, depending on the facility’s policies and your dog’s needs.

Yes, many dog daycare facilities have an evaluation process for new dogs to assess their temperament, behavior, and compatibility with the other dogs in the facility.
We handle aggressive or anxious dogs with care, using methods such as behavior modification techniques, positive reinforcement, and providing a calm environment.

Yes, you can check on your dog during daycare hours.

get a service

Get a Service

We have all your pet grooming needs covered! From bathing to daycare, you can count on Brooklyn Pet Spa.

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