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Your Dog Growled at You: Here’s What to Do

If you go by movies, you might be convinced that a pet dog is bound to prance into your life with a deep understanding of what you want from them and a spiritual connection that makes training a cinch. However, ask a dog owner, and you’ll find that while some dogs are incredibly intelligent and intuitive, it doesn’t work like that at all. That’s why if you hear a growl, curbing your dog’s aggression problem should be a priority.

Brooklyn Pet Spa is a luxurious daycare and boarding facility, and our professional hair stylists for dogs know exactly how problematic dog aggression can be. We have the skill and experience to make them feel calm and dodge any snaps, a stressed dog poses a risk to its owner and everyone around them. Lots of dogs get vocally anxious during nail trimming or when they hear the word “bath” but the problem arises when the anxiety manifests as aggression.

Scrap The Idea Of ‘Alpha Dogs’

In popular culture, the term alpha dog is used carelessly, but it’s a faulty concept. The term was coined by a scientist who revoked his findings when he realized his observations were incorrect. Dogs don’t feel the need to establish dominance so much as they seek care and love. While many celebrity trainers push the philosophy that to train a dog, you must first show it that you’re the boss, intimidation isn’t likely to strengthen your relationship with your furry friend.

Know That Anger Is Fear

When dogs start showing signs of aggression, it might seem like it’s an expression of anger, but it’s fear. Your pooch is feeling unsafe, perhaps because of previous traumatic experiences or simply because they don’t feel entirely settled with you yet. While small dog syndrome is a myth, smaller breeds are indeed more likely to react violently when threatened because they hold on to fears for a long time. This makes sense, given that their size puts them at risk, in their eyes.

So when your dog growls, give it space to calm down, and then in the future, make sure it knows that no matter what it does, it’s not going to be harmed. This is why so many dog groomers are snapped at. They haven’t earned trust yet, and the canine feels threatened, so it’s always a good idea to choose one pet spa and stick with it.

Avoid Stressful Experiences

Dogs are more likely to be well-behaved when they feel loved and respected, and negative reinforcement needn’t be punishing. As a team that runs a dog daycare, we and all dog owners will be familiar with how dogs behave when they do something wrong, whether it’s snacking on the living room couch, or having an accident indoors. They hide away, whining shamefully. This is clearly not the behavior of an animal who’s trying to control you. Get professionals to help you make sure they have the best grooming experiences.

Brooklyn Pet Spa always puts pets first, with safety-conscious protocols and passionate staff. Treat your pooch to aesthetic dog grooming, or let our cat groomers give your kitten a manicure. To join our pet spa community, click here.

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