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Pet Grooming with Brooklyn’s Best

More than a puppy haircut or a kitty nail trimming. We put your pet’s comfort and joy at the forefront of everything we do.

At the one and only Brooklyn Pet Spa, you can believe your furry critter will get the best grooming service done by skilled and passionate professionals.

The Brooklyn Pet Spa groomers stand out from the rest by frequently hair styling dogs for dog shows. So, you can bet your pupper’s style is good enough for the big leagues.

Comfort, care, and love. We put our hearts into every puppy haircut, manicure, and hygiene service we offer. The Brooklyn Pet Spa is here to serve.


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If it’s your puppy’s first trip to the groomer, you can rest assured we’ll go above and beyond to put your new furry friend at ease right here in our beautiful Park Slope Pet Grooming Salon.


We’ve worked with countless breeds, so you can trust in our experience. Whether you’re prepping your pup for an upcoming dog show or just need a routine grooming service, we’re here to help. We provide professional dog wash services for any breed. Essential care such as dog grooming, bathing, and boarding is necessaryfor aesthetics and maintaining your dog’s hygiene. Attend a virtual consultation for pets and book a puppy haircut near you online in Brooklyn! Our professional pet grooming services include dog baths, nail trims & haircuts.


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Cat Grooming Prices


 We know that baths aren’t every kitty’s favorite thing. Your cat’s comfort and safety are the top priorities at Brooklyn Pet Spa. To hire our pet grooming service to maintain your cat’s healthy skin, you will likely have to spend between $83 and $103 for a cat bath. We provide all types of nail cutting, ear cleaning & cat haircuts near you. For more info about the cat grooming rates:


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We have all your pet grooming needs covered! From bathing to daycare, you can count on Brooklyn Pet Spa and our experience staff to provide the absolute best pet grooming experience in Park Slope and the surrounding area.



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Why Choose Us

All our pet groomers have an extensive amount of experience with all sorts of professional dog grooming needs, from show dogs to just treating your beloved fur-baby.

Due to their extensive experience, our groomers are able to grow great longlasting relationships with clients and their pets. Our customers and their pets love coming back and thats what drives customer service to the forefront of every decision here at the Brooklyn Pet Spa.

Loyal Customers

Our pet groomers are just natural animal people, but we love working with our fur-friends extended family too! Being in the hustle and bustle in Brooklyn, NY, gives us the opportunity to work with all sorts of breeds and people alike. We cherish the fact that our customers and their pets see this as a second home, and we always focus on delivering the absolute best hospitality with the absolute best customer care.

When choosing Brooklyn Pet Spa for your grooming, bathing, or daycare needs for your dog or cat you can rest assure they will be in a comfortable setting getting the best care possible by our professional grooming staff. All our pet groomers are trained professionals, if we dare call them – “the pet whisperers”.

We look forward to working with your pet soon!

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