Cat Grooming Rates

Cat Grooming Rates

Best Cat Groomers Near Me Details

Cat Bath without Haircut $83 and up


– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Brush Out
– Nail Trimming

Additional fees may apply for challenging kittens!


Cat Haircut with a dry or wet bath $138 and up

Full grooming includes:

– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Haircut (Sanitary Shave or Shave Down)
– Nail Trimming

Cat Haircut without a bath $123 and up

Additional fees will apply for lion cuts or other specialty cuts.
Additional fees may apply for challenging kittens!

FLEA + TICK BATH is only $25 additional

Cat Stand Alone Services





Cat Nail Clipping

Asides from keeping your home decor from getting shredded up, keeping your cat’s claws trimmed regularly can prevent serious injury from occurring. Split or untrimmed claw tips might can on carpets or furniture and cause a painful broken claw.

Even at peak health, trimming your kitty’s claws can be quite the daunting task, especially if you own an adult cat who isn’t accustomed to it. Our staff are specially trained to calm any fussy feline and make every manicure session quick and worry free.​

Find a Professional Cat Groomer for Your Fur Baby in Brooklyn

Are you finding a professional cat groomer who can help you ensure that your precious cat looks the best all the time? At Brooklyn Pet Spa, we can handle all your cat care, grooming, and bathing needs, making sure your cat has the ideal hygiene:well-styled fur, trimmed hair and nails, clean ears and teeth, and more! Our professional cat groomers understand that getting your cats to take regular baths is no easy feat, which is why we create a comfortable environment where your cats can be groomed as you want! Whether you want a quick bath or a detailed styling session to prepare your cat for a pet show, find professional cat groomers at Brooklyn Pet Spa and let them work their magic!​

Cat Nail Trimming Brooklyn

Cat Baths

It’s common knowledge that cats have an infamous hatred for water, and getting them into a bath can be difficult, even painful. They tend to generally keep themselves pretty clean, and, in some cases, there is such a thing as cleaning a cat too much. However, there are times when an all-around good and clean scrub down by a professional cat groomer is necessary.

Has your cat recently had a close encounter with a skunk? Having a hard time getting your rescue cat from raiding the trash cans? The cat groomers at Brooklyn Pet Spa know how difficult it can be to give our favorite felines a thorough wash and would gladly take that off your hands! Find professional cat groomers at your nearest pet spa to help them keep healthy.

Cat baths can also help cut down on hairballs and improve overall skin condition. We find that cat baths are especially helpful for senior cats who may find it difficult or tedious to clean themselves due to arthritis. ​