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freestocks Your Pet in Doggy Daycare

Choosing Doggy Daycare | Brooklyn Pet Spa

You can’t take our dogs everywhere. As much as pet owners love to, it’s impossible to cart one’s pet around regularly, given that not all activities and establishments permit the presence of pets, let alone dogs.

Fortunately, more and more reputable doggy daycares and kennels have opened recently. It is now more possible for pet owners to complete their schedules or go on vacations without worrying about the safety and wellness of their pets.

If you’re thinking of enrolling your beloved dog in a daycare, pause for a moment. There are some questions that you first need to consider before doing so.

Will Your Dog Adapt Well in Daycare?

Doggy daycares help create safe, loving environments where dogs can fulfill their needs while their owners are out and about. However, even the most exclusive daycares can’t do much if your pet doesn’t take well to them.

Dr. Carolyn Lincoln, an animal behaviorist, noted that physically or mentally active dogs tend to adapt better in doggy daycares than others. Daycare allows physically active dogs to consume all their energy as the day goes by. Meanwhile, mentally active and friendly dogs can easily socialize with the staff and other pets in the daycare.

If your dog is timid or is not physically active, they may have difficulty acclimating to your choice of doggy daycare. Check if the place offers trial runs and see if your pet can handle at least one day of stay. 

What Are the Amenities Available at the Daycare?

Not all doggy daycares are the same. Some may have cheaper rates, but they may also have less to offer than those with pricier fees. While researching daycares, take note of the amenities available, too.

Is there enough space for the dogs? How many are on the premises in one session? Are food and water included in the fees, or do they require separate payments? These are only some of the many questions you need to find answers to.

While you’re at it, inquire if they allow for consecutive stays, especially if you will spend more time away from home and need constant care for your beloved pet. Reading reviews may also help with your final decision. 

Are the Daycare Staff Qualified to Handle Several Dogs at a Time? 

When looking for reputable doggy daycares, ensure that those you’re eyeing have the necessary certifications to run the facility. Also, check if the staff has undergone formal training in the field.

Not all of them need to be certified. Still, having at least one person with a proper background to train the other staff members could give you peace of mind. It means the daycare is doing its best to guarantee they’re capable of caring for dogs enrolled in their facility. 

It’s also worth noting that some certifications indicate if the facility or staff member can provide aid should dogs incur injuries or illnesses during their stay. 

Are Your Dog’s Vaccines Updated?

Doggy daycares have specific requirements that you and your dog need to meet before giving the green light for enrollment. It varies depending on the daycare, but an updated vaccine card is a standard requirement for your dog. 

Your dog’s vaccine card should mark off the common vaccines, including parvo, rabies, canine distemper, canine influenza, and bordetella. These common vaccines help prevent the transmission of diseases between dogs. 

Doggy daycares tend to accept only healthy pets to ensure every attendee and fellow dog remains safe under their care, putting pet owners at ease while they’re away. 

Final Thoughts

Doggy daycares essentially function as a home-away-from-home facility for your dog, which is why you need to take great care in choosing one. As much as possible, the daycare should only accept healthy pooches, offer trained staff services, and have basic amenities that can sustain your pet’s needs. 

If you’re looking for a doggy daycare in Brooklyn, check out Brooklyn Pet Spa. We offer a wide range of pet care services, including grooming, bathing, and boarding for cats and dogs. Browse our site today for more information! 

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