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Signs That Your Dog is Happy (Beyond the Wagging Tail)

This may be shocking information, but a wagging tail doesn’t equate to happiness in dogs. So if you’re asking yourself, “is my dog happy?” then you’re on the right track.

Our professional groomers at Brooklyn Pet Spa are highly experienced at interpreting animal behavior, and for cats and dogs, it’s more complicated than you might think. Regular exercise, dog baths, and nail trims might be enough to keep your dog healthy, but their emotional health also needs care. Dogs can become depressed, and that’s not something a one-off at a luxurious pet spa will fix.

We know that as pet parents, the last thing you want is for your canine buddy to be feeling blue, but you can’t really be sure they’re feeling good unless you know how to read the signs. Here are a few ways to identify a cheery dog:

They’re  Active

A good old bout of the zoomies is a good sign, but even when they’re not dashing from room to room, a healthy, happy dog will almost always be energetic. They should be happy to go for walks and runs. A lethargic and slowed-down canine could be experiencing pain or discomfort due to physical health, but if that’s ruled out, you should look into changing their lifestyle.

The Life Of The Puppy Party

Dog love interaction, and when they feel safe and secure, you’ll probably notice them running up to strangers and adoring attention. Even with other dogs they meet at their pet daycare, a confident and playful stance is a good sign. If your dog shies away from attention, then either they haven’t been properly socialized as a puppy, or they’re nervous around people.

If your dog is reserved even at home, you should discuss this with a daycare that can slowly help them build their social skills.

They Haven’t A Care In The World

Dogs should have nothing to worry about, and should always be carefree. You can tell by studying their body language. Ears should be floppy and relaxed, not trained back, and their hackles should be relaxed. When you see a dog lying on its back, wiggling around and exposing its belly, that’s a happy dog for sure. Of course, it might be a different story when it’s time for your dog’s nail cut, but if they’re at ease most of the time, they’ll adjust.

When you bring your fluffy beloved to Brooklyn Pet Spa, our team of cat and dog groomers knows how to make a pet bath fun! All our clients are treated to compassionate care and professional hair stylists. We can even give your cat bath.

To get in touch with us and join the family, click here.

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