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A Complete Guide to Grooming Your Cat: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for cat grooming in Brooklyn? Cats have their names among the top self-sufficient pets requiring minimum maintenance. Unlike dogs that love petting, cats want attention on their terms and don’t need frequent walks and exercise. Indeed, all these things are true about felines. However, some people also think they need less grooming, which isn’t true. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about hiring cat grooming experts in Brooklyn, NY

Do Cats Clean Themselves?

Cats lick themselves time and again. But what if they aren’t genuinely cleaning themselves up? You might have felt the slight scratch sensation if your cat has ever licked your hand while being loving. A cat becomes clean on the surface thanks to the little barbs that coat the tongue of the animal. To maintain the health of their coats, they also spread their natural oils by licking.

For cats, grooming is more than merely keeping themselves clean. Cats lick themselves to remain calm in hot weather since they have no sweat glands other than paws. For stronger bonding, cats who live together frequently groom one another. A cat may relax after a stressful experience. Some cats with severe anxiety issues may also groom themselves excessively.

So Why Do Cats Need a Professional Groomer? 

Although cats can maintain their own cleanliness, a groomer can provide services that your cat cannot do for itself. Grooming does not mean decorating their collars with pretty ribbons and dousing them with fragrance. Your cat cannot verbally communicate with you if its skin is itching or if they have been eating more hair than usual. Some fleas and ticks may be removed by nibbling, but it also causes damage to the cat’s skin. As a leading service for cat grooming in Brooklynwe know what cats need to keep healthy and fluffy fur. When you visit our pet care facility, you will be surprised to see the dedication with which we take care of your pet. 

Hairball Prevention:

Many cats shed a lot. Licking helps in hair removal. But have you wondered what happens to all that hair? Cats ingest all the hair that they lick off the body. At times, it may get clogged in their digestive tract and result in a trichobezoar, sometimes known as a hairball. 

This annoying, awful ball may cause countless digestive problems to your cat and may also become life-threatening. Regular grooming sessions help lessen your cat’s shedding and stop messy, potentially unsafe hairballs.

Removes Mats and Tangles: 

Although a cat’s tongue may have barbs on the surface, they do not function as a comb or brush. Even cats with short hair, which are less frequent, can get tangled if their hair is not thoroughly combed. Mats may cause uncomfortable skin issues and discomfort. Regular grooming sessions prevent mats from forming in the first place.

Parasite Prevention: 

Before they progress to a dangerous level, ticks and fleas will be visible to your cat’s groomer, who may even be able to halt an infection in its tracks. Even when your cat is taking a flea and tick prophylactic, it is still possible for resistant fleas to establish a home there. Your cat’s groomer may tell you if its flea medicines appear to be failing.


Cats are among the top pets that need minimum maintenance. However, it is essential to have timely grooming sessions to keep them physically and mentally healthy. We at Brooklyn Pet Spa offer the best cat grooming in Brooklyn. Our experts are proficient in making grooming a comfortable experience for your cat. 

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