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Key Tips for Grooming a Border Collie Effectively

If your border collie is an industrious herder, he’s probably a smooth or rough-coated dog. Smooth-coated dogs need to be groomed often, while rough-coats require only an occasional brushing. However, all dogs should be introduced to the grooming process at an early age so that they will get used to it. If you’ve never groomed a border collie before, don’t worry; here are a few helpful tips in doing it efficiently.

1. Using the Right Tools

Use dog grooming hair clippers and take care when using them. You may want to begin by clipper-shaving your dog’s belly, under their legs, and the hair around their ears and eyes. Then, you can use a comb to groom the rest of the dog’s fur from the head down to its tail.

2. Using the Right Shampoo

Homemade dog shampoo is an excellent choice for your border collie because it will be compatible with their skin and gently clean their coat. Most dog shampoos available at pet supply stores are chemical-laden and will cause the dog’s coat to be dry and brittle.

Use an oatmeal shampoo to help reduce any itching your dog may have. This shampoo is helpful if your dog has a skin condition, such as hot spots, dry skin, or dry hair.

Ask your veterinarian if you can use a tea tree oil shampoo to help keep your dog’s fur healthy. If your dog is infected with fleas, you can use a shampoo that also has a flea-killing ingredient.

3. Using the Right Brush

Rake out your dog’s tangled hair and use a slicker brush to make it smooth. If you’ve never used a slicker brush before, place a small amount of dog shampoo on your dog’s fur and brush it. Focus on the fur under their neck, back, and tail as well. Use a wide-tooth comb afterward to remove any snarls from the fur.

4. Using a Dryer

Blow your dog’s fur back with a dog grooming dryer so that it’s cool and well-tended to. This will help you relax your dog because dog grooming dryers are typically noisy and may frighten them once it starts.

5. Using a Grooming Mitt

Use a grooming mitt to keep your dog calm during grooming and to keep them from getting used to you using your hands. Rub the mitt over their fur in downward strokes, moving from their head down to their tail. Your dog will enjoy being massaged and will probably want some more attention.

6. Using a Toothbrush

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Use a dog grooming toothbrush and a dog toothpaste that they will like to help keep their breath fresh and their teeth clean. You’ll have to introduce them to the toothbrush slowly. You can either bounce it on their tongue several times before brushing the teeth or put a little bit of dog toothpaste on your finger and let them lick it off. After they have gotten used to the taste, you can brush their teeth safely.

7. Using a Dog Ear Cleaner

Keep the dog’s ears clean to help prevent infection. Use a dog ear cleaner and wipe the dog’s ears with a cotton ball. If your dog is infected with a yeast infection or mites, use a dog ear cleaner with a yeast-killing ingredient or a pet-safe insecticide as well.


Those were just some of the more helpful tips in groping your border collie. Taking their fur quality into consideration, you may be able to see that the right clippers, shampoo, grooming mitt, and even a dryer would play an important role in further bringing out their charm.

Be sure to follow all our recommendations above, and feel free to ask for help if you are not yet familiar with the proper grooming techniques to avoid giving your collie a bad fur day.

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