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Important Considerations for Grooming Senior Dogs: 8 Key Points

As your dog reaches the latter stages of its life, the responsibilities you have as a fur parent change. For instance, there are more considerations for grooming, especially if your pet is now suffering from health concerns.

Generally, grooming is still possible even if you have a senior dog. However, there are things to keep in mind to make the process most comfortable for your furry friend. Let’s discuss the essential things to note about grooming older dogs:

1. Senior Dogs Are Prone to Stress

The older a dog gets, the more stress it is likely to experience. Grooming may be very stressful for your senior dog. Whether it is a bath or a brush, the treatments may be too much for the dog to handle. So, it is important to get your dog used to being groomed early on in its life.

2. Note Your Dog’s Heart Problems

With age, the heart tends to weaken, which means your dog’s heart needs to work harder to circulate blood. This is why you should be very careful when handling an older dog. Do not hold your dog by its collar or neck, especially if it has any health problems. Doing so might cause undue stress to the dog’s heart.

3. There Might Be a Need for Sedation

While with most Dogs taking a bath is a simple solution, senior dogs have more sensitive skin. This means that they may need sedation during grooming to keep them from getting agitated.

Sedation can reduce the amount of stress the dog feels during the grooming process. It can also reduce the risk of injuries as a result.

4. Work with Experienced Groomers

Just like humans, dogs change as they get older. Different grooming treatments may work for them than with their younger counterparts.

Hence, when it comes to grooming your senior dog, you would do well to seek the services of an experienced groomer. They can better know how to deal with the several physical and psychological changes that may occur in your dog as it ages.

5. Stay with Your Dog the Entire Time

When your dog is a senior, it is a good idea to stay with them during the entire grooming process. This will help keep the dog calm and reduce the risk of your dog becoming injured.

6. Get the First Appointment of the Day

You can better get the full attention of the groomers if you make it to the salon as soon as it opens. This is especially true if you know your dog has a health problem.

7. Book a Mobile Groomer

If you have a dog with health issues, it is good to book mobile dog grooming services. The groomer will be able to travel to your home where they can better accommodate the dog based on its current condition.

8. Choose Simple over Fancy Styles

It is natural to want to make your senior dog look its best. However, you may want to choose simple styles over fancy ones. Your dog may feel intimidated by the extra touches, especially if they have a health complication.

Final Thoughts

Grooming a senior dog is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. There are different considerations to take into account, such as your dog’s age and its physical and psychological changes. Also, you have to think about the dog’s health and how the grooming process will affect it.

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