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Long-Haired Cat Care

Essential Tips for Long-Haired Cat Care

Tips to Care for Your Long-Haired Cat: Cats may not get as much spotlight as dogs, but your feline friends can be just as loving as a furry member of your family. Unfortunately, being with a long-haired cat also means your home may be full of fur everywhere, so it’s important to know how to keep your four-legged buddies’ beautiful coat from making a mess of your abode. In between hairballs and dust of fur floating around your living space, the tips below should keep your endearing cat’s mane as neat and intact as possible. 

How to Give TLC to Your Long-Haired Cats 

Tip #1: Let Them Get Used to Daily Brushing 

As you probably already know, cats are very independent creatures. Sure, some feline friends may enjoy cuddling and snuggling with their owners, but most tabbies and calicos are more than happy to do their own thing. 

If you have a cat like this, it can be hard to put a brush in their paws, but it’s important you do it. When brushing your long-haired cat, you’ll have to make sure you start when they are young so they can get used to the process. As they get older, they’ll probably enjoy the occasional grooming session.

Tip #2: Brush Your Cat Before You Bathe Them

When it comes to washing your long-haired cat, you’ll have to do it in stages. Instead of trying to bathe them in one fell swoop, start by brushing their coat before you fill the tub full of soapy water. This will get most of the fur out of their coat before giving them a bath, allowing you to rinse their stunning mane with greater ease. 

Tip #3: Pick the Right Brush

When brushing your long-haired cat, it’s important you use the right brush for the job. If you have a cat with sensitive skin, you will want to use a brush that is designed to remove the least amount of fur possible, while helping to stimulate blood flow in your cat’s skin. By doing this, you’ll keep your cat’s coat looking healthy and shiny.

If you have a cat with a particularly thick and heavy coat, you may want to invest in an undercoat rake. This is a special rake that is designed to remove the undercoat of your cat, allowing you to remove a majority of the fur in between bathing sessions.

Tip #4: Keep Their Hair Trimmed

Depending on how long your cat’s hair is, you may have to trim it. We mentioned earlier that long-haired cats tend to get matted and dirty quickly, but you can keep them looking clean and beautiful by trimming their hair on a regular basis. When your long-haired cat’s mane becomes too long, it can become heavy, making it hard for them to move and walk around. This can also cause the hair to start to tangle and mat, so it’s more difficult to clean.

The Bottom Line: Cleaning and Caring for Your Long-Haired Cat

Long-haired cats are beautiful creatures that deserve all the best care in the world. With these tips and tricks, you can be sure to keep your long-haired cat looking his or her best!

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