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Bathing Dogs: The Optimal Frequency for Bathing Your Furry Companion

Does your dog leap into the bathtub, hoping for a soothing bath? Or does your dog run for the hills, afraid of the water, which seems cold and unknown?

No matter what your beloved pup’s stance on bathing is, chances are you’ve asked yourself just how often it has to get done. That’s what this blog aims to answer for you. 

So, How Often Should A Dog Get Bathed?

The short answer is: it depends. A number of variables exist when it comes to how often a person should bathe their dog. This includes health issues, lifestyle and their coat type as well as skin type.

Let’s take the average dog as an example: healthy for the most part, lives normally indoors for the most part but still goes on a lot of walks. That dog won’t need bathing beyond a quarterly basis, so around thrice to 4 times a year. The exact timing usually depends on when the dog starts to smell…funky.

The Dog’s Coat/Skin Type

The coat types of dogs vary by breed; some of them are fully hairless, while others are incredibly hairy. Let’s say you have a Collie, Sheltie, or some other kind of long-haired dog. They need to be brushed before and after a bath. That’s because their fur can become more tangled and matted. They also need a special conditioner to keep their fur from tangling.  

Double-coated dogs, such as Siberians and Retrievers, might need a deshedding shampoo or no bath at all, just a good brushing. If you have an animal with heavy hair, and you don’t completely dry them off, they might get skin irritation, a rash, or an infection.

The Dog’s Health Overall

Does your dog have an underlying illness which is causing skin or coat issues? If your dog is ill in any way, he or she needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately. That way, you can determine the best bathing protocol for your doggo.

The veterinarian may prescribe a special protocol for bathing or recommend a special shampoo. That way, you will not end up using something that can dry out your dog’s skin or make any pre-existing medical conditions worse.

The Dog’s Lifestyle

As previously mentioned, a dog’s way of life affects how much (or how little!) they bathe within a year. Do you enjoy throwing your dog into the ocean, swimming with him in the pool, or running through the dirt with him? If so, you should bathe your dog as needed.

If your dog enjoys hiking and running around in the mud, he may need a full bath after his adventures to clean off everything.

Is There Such A Thing As Bathing A Dog Too Much?

Yes, which can be quite risky! When a dog has more bathes than they need, their coat’s essential oils will be stripped. Infections or itchy skin can come about as a result.


When it comes to dogs, how often they should be bathed relies on a number of factors. It depends on the dog’s lifestyle, coat/skin type and health overall. When in doubt, the default for the average indoor dog is around thrice to 4 times a year.

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