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Recognizing 5 Clear Indicators Your Dog Requires a Trip to the Groomer

Grooming is an essential aspect of caring for a companion dog, but many owners are unsure how often it should be done. While grooming your dog regularly is probably the best method in general, there are several signs you may look for to know when it’s time for another grooming session.

Signs to Watch For

How do you know when to take your dog to the grooming professionals? Keep an eye out for any of these five signs that it’s time to groom your dog.

1. His fur is matted and tangled

If your dog has matted fur, you’ll want to call your groomer (or bring him to the groomer) for help. Mats and tangles can become infected and cause a lot of pain for your dog.

Sometimes owners are tempted to cut off their dog’s matted fur, but this isn’t a good idea. Unless you have a lot of experience trimming fur, you could accidentally cut your dog’s skin. And even if you don’t cut him, the pain of getting tangled in the fur is unpleasant.

Your groomer will be able to safely remove all the mats and tangles and leave your dog looking great again.

2. There are burrs, seeds, bubblegum, etc., stuck in his fur.

If your dog has been running around in the field or playing in the park and coming home with seeds, burrs, bubblegum, and the like stuck in his fur, it’s a sign that he’s starting to get a bit neglected. You’ll probably want to bring him to the groomer to have this cleaned up, as having foreign objects caught in his fur can make grooming him more difficult.

3. He’s starting to look shaggy.

Dogs aren’t like humans—they don’t need to be groomed frequently because they are losing their hair. However, if your dog is starting to look like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, it’s time to get him in for a grooming session.

4. He has ticks/fleas

No one wants bugs crawling around in their fur, but dogs face a common problem. It’s not just ticks and fleas, either—many dogs will bring home spiders, bees, or other creatures that crawl on them in the woods.

If your dog is limping or scratching, it’s time to get him to a groomer. Please make sure your groomer checks for ticks and fleas before your dog is released from the grooming session, as these critters can make him very uncomfortable.

5. His nails are too long

If your dog walks with his paws turned inward, and his nails click against the floor, his nails are too long. This is uncomfortable for him and can even be painful.

Your groomer will trim your dog’s nails for you to make sure he is comfortable and you don’t risk accidentally cutting his feet.


Grooming is essential for your dog, not just because it makes him look good, but because it keeps his skin and coats healthy. It also makes them much easier to maintain. It’s a good idea to do a grooming session on your dog every six to eight weeks.

Take a look at the signs listed above to see if it’s time for your dog to have a grooming session. If it is, then pay a visit to your local dog groomer.

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