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6 Key Distinctions Between Cat and Dog Grooming

6 Major Differences Between Cat and Dog Grooming

As a dog and a cat owner, you know that getting your pets groomed can be difficult. After all, dogs and cats are quite different from each other. Some dogs drool or wag their tails when they see you, but most cats slink away or hide when you approach the box. Still, you can quickly learn how to groom your dog and your cat, despite the differences in grooming techniques. Our company provides the best grooming services for cats and dogs in Brooklyn.

Here are some of the biggest differences between grooming for cats and dogs:

1. Dog Grooming: Most dogs are easier to bathe and brush because they are not as sensitive as cats.

Of course, some dogs are very sensitive. It’s no wonder that some dogs have a reputation as “shy,” “timid,” or even “sneaky.” In general, though, most dogs are easier to bathe and brush because they are not as sensitive as cats.

2. Cats are more likely to get hairballs than dogs.

Yes, both dogs and cats get hairballs, but cats are more likely to get them. Cats can become so frustrated that they refuse to groom themselves. That’s when they become “laid-back” cats or “laid-back” dogs – they simply stop grooming themselves, and they become hairballs.

3. Dogs are more tolerant of being bathed; cats are sensitive to water.

Although dogs are more sensitive to water, they are still more tolerant of being bathed. Still, it’s essential to keep in mind that dogs and cats are also different in other ways. For example, cats are more sensitive to water, so you have to be more careful when bathing a cat (you might have to let the cat “get used to” being bathed over a period of time). Dogs are generally more tolerant of bathing, so you can wash them a lot more quickly.

4. Dogs rarely get fleas; cats often do.

Although some dogs do get fleas or ticks, most dogs don’t. In general, it’s a lot easier to keep a dog free of fleas or ticks. In contrast, it’s common to see fleas or ticks on cats.

5. Dogs respond to being brushed differently.

Of course, different dogs respond differently to being groomed and brushed. One factor that seems to play a role is the type of fur the dog has. For example, Afghan (or “Curly”) dogs seem to enjoy grooming, while many other dogs don’t.

6. Dogs need to be bathed more often than cats.

In general, dogs need to be bathed more frequently than cats. Unfortunately, some dogs get dirty even faster. For example, some breeds of dogs and puppies have allergies to grass. In general, it’s easier to keep a dog free of dirt and grass stains than it is to keep a cat free of them.


All in all, dog grooming differs widely from cat grooming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t groom both your cat and your dog. As long as you find your dog or cat’s “sweet spot” and avoid being too rough, you should be able to learn how to groom your dog and your cat. Of course, you always have the option to take your beloved pets to a pet spa where they can get professionally groomed by experts. 

Brooklyn Pet Spa has some of the best pet groomers in Brooklyn who can ensure that your dogs and cats stay fresh, clean, cute, and healthy at all times. Contact our professionals to learn more about our cat & dog grooming packages.

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