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Five Compelling Reasons to Opt for Cat Boarding During Vacations

5 Reasons You Should Use Cat Boarding During Vacations

Cats tend to be less needy than dogs, which is why there’s an idea that they can be left alone and be just fine on their own. Even though cats are generally more self-sufficient, they will still need some extra care if you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time. A good way to go about this is cat boarding. 

For cat owners that may not be sure why cat boarding is the better option compared to other choices like getting a sitter or bringing them to a temporary foster, consider these reasons. 

Cat Boarding: Your Cat Will Be in a Safe Environment Tailored for Them

Cats can be very nit-picky when it comes to their environment and the scents they are exposed to. A legitimate cat spa or boarding space will already have this in mind and have the necessary setup and resources to make your cat comfortable. They’ll also have a crew that will be ready to help your cat adjust despite the presence of other humans and felines. 

Your Cat Will Receive the Attention They Need

Despite their elusive nature, cats still need proper attention. They want to be petted and given attention, especially if they’re feeling fussy. Having trained sitters means they’ll get their pets and playtime. More importantly, if they ever have a sudden problem, there will always be someone to address it right away.

Your Cat Will Have Their Food, Drink, and Medication Needs Covered

You won’t have to worry about your cat missing out on their feeding time or not having enough water to drink. With a boarding space specifically for cats you’ll also know that your pet will be safe from unwanted materials and food that they shouldn’t be ingesting. 

It’s also helpful if your cat has a specific diet and medications that they need to take. With veterinarians on call in these places, you know that any medical emergency can be handled properly and promptly.

Baths and Litter-Cleaning Won’t Be a Problem

Sometimes, people who aren’t used to cats end up neglecting their litter maintenance. This is especially true if they are preoccupied with other responsibilities. At a cat boarding place, daily litter cleaning is a given. 

There will also be cat bath services to ensure that your pet stays clean and well-groomed throughout their stay. 

You Can Leave Your Home Alone

This is more of a benefit for you as the cat owner. You don’t have to let any stranger into your home just to watch your cat. Even if you have trusted family or friends to reach out to, they can change up things in your home that you may be particular about. 

By going for cat boarding, you would avoid that hassle, and you’d save them from the trouble of having to shift their routine to take care of your pet. This also prevents your cat from possibly slipping away.


Basically, cat boarding can make life much easier for you and your cat. You also won’t have to worry about them running away or making a mess in retaliation to you leaving for a long time. If you know you’re going to be away, contact a place near you to make sure everything is in order. 

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