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What to Expect When Taking Your Cat to a Groomer?

It’s normal to feel nervous and worried, especially when it’s your first time taking your cat to a groomer. However, there’s no need to feel that way because your pet will be in good hands. In fact, while they’re there, they are living their best life because it’s their time to get pampered and cleaned. Remember, cats like to be clean, so they’ll be happier if you take them there. 

If you’re still anxious about the things that may happen when you take your cat to a groomer, here’s everything they will experience inside the grooming salon for your peace of mind: 

1. They Will Have a Nice and Safe Bath

Professional groomers know that some cats have an aversion to water. So, if you think that they will just submerge your cat into a tub of water, erase that thought because that’s not going to be the case. Instead, they will introduce your cat to water slowly so that they can adjust and become comfortable. 

Allowing your cat to get used to water is an important step that professional groomers follow. After they acclimate to the bathing concept, your kitty will now have a good scrub with the groomer using either a flea shampoo or other specialty products, depending on your cat’s needs. 

2. They Will Have a Basic Nail Care

As mentioned, taking your cat to a cat groomer will be their pamper time. We all know that pamper time is no good without some nail care. Once your kitty is there, groomers will trim your kitty’s nails. They trim up to the quick of your cat’s nails. The quick is the pink part of each claw that houses sensitive nerves and blood vessels. 

Failure to trim claws often enough leads to the quick’s lengthening, making it difficult for your cat to maintain balance. While their claws are their weapons, it’s still essential to keep them at a normal length for their convenience as well as your and your furniture’s safety. 

3. They Will Have a Thorough Brushing and Trim

In order to complete the package, your cats will also have a nice brush and trim on their fur. Their groomers will go above and beyond your regular brushing session. They can tackle matted and tangled fur and provide a trim to long-haired pets who need more maintenance, leaving your cat with smooth and silky hair.

Another good thing your cat can experience is that their groomers will also keep an eye out for any signs of skin concerns, like lumps, bumps, lesions, or missing patches of fur. They will do something about it so that your cat will look exceptionally beautiful and comfortable. 


You don’t have to feel nervous or anxious when you take your cat to a cat groomer. In fact, you might even feel jealous because they will experience the best moments and care that you probably want as well. As a cat owner, it’s crucial to take your cat to a groomer regularly. That way, you can reduce the risks of dangerous fur ingestion or skin infection and keep your cat clean right down to their skin. 

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