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Is Socialization The Most Important Part Of Puppy Care?

The way you raise a puppy will make all the difference in how your future dog will behave. While mischief and clinginess might be undeniably adorable, it makes pet parenting difficult. While all you can do is try, and some dogs never lose their playful spark, the most important thing you have to do is socialize your puppy.

At Brooklyn Pet Spa, our cat and dog groomers work hard to ensure every pad-footed customer gets the best grooming experience in Brooklyn, but still, being away from familiar faces is harder on some pets than others. This doesn’t only apply to human faces; playing with other dogs can also be stressful and even lead to snapping and growling. No matter how much you try to maintain your dog’s safe space, they’ll inevitably be exposed to strangers (human or animal), and their experiences as a puppy will inform their reaction.

Normalize It

If you can make spending time with other humans and dogs a regular part of puppy life, then they’ll be less likely to see it as a threat. You’ll see that when they go for a pup cut or a nail trim, they won’t be as fazed by the dog groomer. A great way to do this is through regular visits to your local dog park and enrolment in a pet daycare. Pet spas provide a unique experience where dogs not only get to interact and play but spend extended periods together and develop social skills.

Dogs have their own way of communicating with body language and making sure your dog learns the proper etiquette will make them less likely to provoke other pets.

Show No Fear

Dogs can’t smell fear, but they can recognize a reaction. That’s why you’ll notice that professional pet groomers don’t panic, no matter what the animal does. If your puppy has a habit of jumping on strangers and being overly playful with other dogs, putting them on a leash or in another room isn’t the solution.

These missteps, if ignored, will allow the puppy to recognize that an overzealous interaction doesn’t get as warm a reaction as a polite one. They also shouldn’t feel insecure about expressing their excitement because, with time, they’ll learn to channel it in better ways.

Always Supervise

The most important part of socializing a puppy is ensuring they always feel secure because fear and bad experiences can be scarring. Make sure a responsible human is always present during interactions, and avoid leaving dogs alone with people who aren’t comfortable with them.

Brooklyn Pet Spa is more than committed to taking care of your furry friends because our team loves all animals. We offer virtual consultations for pets for convenience, and we can do everything from luxury boarding to nail cutting. We can even give your feline a pet bath that they’ll actually enjoy.

To get in touch with us and join the furry family, click here.

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