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can cats eat popcorn

Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is a known snack and is enjoyed by many. But this snack is not for our feline pet because it raises many questions about the cat’s suitability and safety. We  will explore whether it is safe for cats to eat popcorn or not and whether popcorn for cats involves risks or not – this guideline will tell all.

So can cats eat popcorn? The answer is yes and no. One should not force-feed popcorn to cats but if cats eat popcorn themselves, it should not be encouraged. Cats can eat air-popped and plain popcorn in moderation.

Popcorns are not toxic for cats however; it depends on how the popcorn is made. Different additives are not safe for cats and can pose different health risks.

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Potential Risks

If your cat eats popcorn or you feed popcorn to them, below could be the potential risks.

1.      Seasonings and Flavorings

Popcorn usually comes in different seasonings and flavorings like garlic, caramel, and cheese. These additives can lead to different problems for cats – some of these ingredients could include toxins like garlic and onion which are not suitable for cats.

2.      Salt and Butter

Salted and buttered popcorn can often be found in people’s homes. However, people with feline pets should ensure that their cats do not intake it. Salt has sodium which can lead to poisoning and butter is high in fat. Both of these ingredients are not safe for cats.

3.      Unpopped Kernels

Cats cannot digest hard food and kernels are not chewable for humans. Making unpopped kernels difficult to digest – this can also lead to cats choking on unpopped kernels or damaging their teeth.

Benefits of Popcorn for Cats

Popcorn is not a staple food for cats. Though popcorn has some nutritional value it is in very small amounts which is not sufficient for cats. If you make plain and air-popped popcorn and your cat is chewing them, it will not harm the cat and will be digestible. Consider such popcorn is a low-calorie treat. These popcorns are also recommended for overweighed cats as a diet food.

Can Cats Eat Popcorn

Guidelines for Offering Popcorn to Cats

If your cat is not giving up popcorn, follow the below guidelines.

  • Air-popped and Plain Popcorn

If your cat loves popcorn, make sure that these are air-popped and plain means that popcorn should not have any taste. Avoid adding any seasonings, salt, or butter.

  • Avoid Unpopped Kernels

Make sure that all kernels are popped and if any kernels remain unpopped, don’t give it to the cat.

  • Don’t feed Popcorns Everyday

Cats can like popcorn to a good extent and even if they demand popcorn, don’t make them habitual. Popcorn should be given as a treat and should be given in controlled portions.

  • Keep an Eye for Reactions

Any cat could become allergic to popcorn. First, give a few popcorns and observe for any reactions. Allergic symptoms could include changes in behavior, vomiting, and upset stomach.

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Pet owners who have seen their cats drawn towards popcorn should ensure that the popcorn is air-popped and plain in flavor. Cat owners should ensure that no seasonings and or flavorings are topped on the popcorn. Cats should be given a controlled amount of popcorn. Popcorn should not become a part of the cat’s regular diet – even though it is not harmful to cats but it has fewer nutrients. The above-mentioned guidelines should be taken into consideration when giving popcorn to cats.


Is corn safe for cats?

Yes, corn is generally safe for cats and many commercial cat foods; there is a good amount of corn. Cats do enjoy the taste of corn but it should be given as a regular meal.

Why are cats drawn to popcorn?

Cats love popcorn, especially with cheese and butter flavors. Feline also loves food that has a lot of fat hence, making such snacks irresistible for cats. But this can be dangerous for cats, pet owners should ensure to give their cats unseasoned and unflavored popcorns that are also air-popped.

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