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Dog Grooming Essentials | Brooklyn Pet Spa

Keeping up appearances and living a healthy lifestyle are equally important for people and pets alike. Dogs, in particular, have to have coats that are well-kept, regular baths, regularly cut nails and a balanced life of play and rest. Dog Grooming will go a long way when it comes to affording dogs just that.

Dogs actually have to enjoy the process. Starting off slow and using the reward system can definitely help make the experience go smoothly for both dog and groomer. If there’s a puppy or dog at hand who’s not really been groomed before, the process should be divided into several sessions.

The Key Areas for Dog Grooming: Bathing, Brushing, Hair Care, Nail Care

Grooming a dog has a number of necessary pointers. Bathing goes without saying, really, but other areas include trimming, brushing and nail care.


Signs that it’s time to bathe a dog include rather awful smells and a clear accumulation of dirt. Outgoing, adventurous dogs, like the ones who go hiking quite a lot or play in muddy areas, will definitely need bathing as soon as they walk in the door. 

If you’re uncertain, consult your dog’s vet for the bathing schedule which would be healthy for them. Have the right equipment and products, like hypoallergenic shampoo. Make sure they are meant for dogs; human shampoo should never be used.


Puppies three years old onwards are at a high risk for dental problems and periodontal disease. Gum disease can lead to teeth falling out, abscesses and even heart disease. This is why daily dental care is vital. Never use human toothpaste; start with fingertips, working your way to a dog toothbrush.

Some dogs don’t really get into toothbrushes. Don’t worry, wipes and dental sprays exist that can help things along just the same.

Hair Care

Some people are under the misconception that dogs with short hair, such as Bulldogs, will do well to have their coats brushed. All dogs gain nothing but good from their coat being brushed out. Brushing spreads natural oils that help giving hair a healthy, shiny finish alongside taking away any loose hairs. 

A full wash may not be needed when regular brushing occurs. This is one of the biggest reasons why brushing has to happen before bathing.

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Nail Care

Walking your dog or exercising with him or her should keep nails worn down so they aren’t too long. They should never be so long that they’re uncomfortable or a problem while walking. 

Using nail trimmers specifically for dogs:

  1. Position the dog so the paw’s underside is visible during the cutting.
  2. Avoid cutting the nail too short to protect the nail’s blood vessels/the “quick”.
  3. Black nails will have a very minute dot surrounded by white when the “quick” is close; transparent or white nails will have visible blood vessels.
  4. In case nails are cut too short, stop the bleeding with styptic powder or see a professional.


Dog grooming goes well beyond making sure they’re well-bathed. Key areas include brushing, hair care and nail care. It’s important to use shampoo, soap and other items that are specifically meant for dogs.

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