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Cat ad dog Nervous Feline

The Perfect Approach to Settling In Your Nervous Feline

Settling an animal into a new home is a sensitive process, and with creatures as guarded as cats, the last thing you want is for it to be feline nervous around you.

At Brooklyn Pet Spa, our professional groomers have seen plenty of skittish animals who struggle to adapt to new homes. When you’re adopting a cat, you become responsible for its health, safety, happiness, and its hygiene. While dog grooming is well known as necessary, with show dogs and pups always sporting new looks from aesthetic dog groomers, cats need the occasional pet spa session as well.

However, you don’t want to do anything that might upset your furry friend before they feel comfortable. Here’s how to make the process seamless:

Let Them Come To You

Cats are famously particular about who they want around them, and which of those people can touch them. Remember that all cats are different, and while some will walk right up and nuzzle your face, a stressed animal will be overwhelmed by too much attention. When you’re adopting a cat, you have no idea what its previous experiences have been like, so you have to be mindful of its space and territory.

Give Them Safe Spaces

Cats love to hole up in small cozy spaces like closets, and while you want your new addition to feel safe and comfortable, you don’t want to be panic-stricken as you try to locate them. At pet daycare’s, supervisors have eyes on the animals at all times, but at home, that’s not as feasible. So introduce them to spaces slowly so they can explore and you can keep track of them.

Create a corner for them that’s free of door traffic with cushions, blankets, or a cat bed, and never force them out of their safe space

Avoid Early Negative Associations

Pets operate on their own timeline, and even after your cat feels safe in your home, they may not yet be happy to have you groom them. However, dirty or matted coats can be extremely uncomfortable, and you want to avoid them being frightened by you. So if the time comes for nail trimming or cat grooming, then go slow. If they seem startled, get help from a professional pet groomer.

At Brooklyn Pet Spa, our staff knows how to do a pet bath that your cat will enjoy! All our clients are treated to individual attention, professional hair stylists, and even a stress-free nail cut. This way, your cat will get a chance to see just how great life will be with you and avoid connecting you to the dreaded cat bath.

To get in touch with us and join our warm and fuzzy family, click here.

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