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Dog Hair Coloring Guide – Before & After Tips

Dog Hair Coloring Guide – Before & After Tips

What is Dog Hair Coloring?

In recent years, dog hair coloring has picked up a lot of heat in the latest trends. The pet grooming community has come up with playful and creative ideas to make your dog stylish and extra cute. Dog hair styling has become a popular form of artistic expression. Pet owners find ways to celebrate bond with their fur babies and the hair coloring of dogs will continue to grow.

Before and After Care of Dog Hair Coloring

Dogs may not notice that their fur color has changed. As a pet owner, you need to make sure that your dog is taken care of. At Brooklyn Pet Spa, we advise that you do the following.


  1. Pre-Consultation with Our Experts

First, you have to book an appointment and consult with our groomers. We will examine your dog’s health to ensure that it is in the best condition to get hair colored.

  1. Choosing the Perfect Color

You can choose a color from a wide range of options.

  1. Preliminary Coat Check

We have a standard procedure for dog hair coloring which includes a thorough coat assessment. If there are any concerns, we suggest specific requirements.


  1. Creating a Calm Environment

At Brooklyn Pet Spa, we ensure that your dog leaves with a big smile on its face. Our groomers maintain a positive and stress-free atmosphere. We use gentle techniques during the coloring session.

  1. Real-Time Updates and Feedback

We keep the pet owners updated during the hair coloring process. This allows the pet owners to make adjustments if any are required.


  1. Post-Coloring Pampering Session

Your dog will have the perk of our pet-safe shampooing and conditioning. This will ensure a vibrant color with a soft fur.

  1. Scheduled Follow-Up Grooming Session

Dog owners must take up a follow-up session to maintain the brilliance of the colored fur. A few touch-ups may be required if the color seems a bit faded.

  1. Color-Enhancing Products

We suggest pet owners buy dog hair coloring-enhancing products for the best and safest home care. This will keep your dog’s hair color radiant.

  1. Share Your Pet’s New Look

Share your dog’s transformation with your family and friends on social media and don’t forget to tag us.

Dos and Don’ts of Dog Hair Coloring

Most dogs that come in for hair coloring are sensitive. We ensure that your dog gets the best hairdo but usually, things go sideways when pet owners don’t follow the right dos and don’ts of dog hair coloring.


– Read all information provided on the dog hair coloring product

– Conduct a test patch to see if the color actually suits your dog’s fur

– Always consult a professional

– Keep your dog’s health in optimum condition.


– Never use human hair dyes on your dog’s fur.

– Say no to dog hair coloring products that have even the slightest of chemicals.

– Don’t over-color your dog’s fur.

– Don’t ignore any allergies or irritations.

dog hair color

Temporary v/s Permanent Dog Hair Coloring

When you decide that you want a different color for your dog’s hair, the most pivotal decision is choosing between temporary and permanent dog hair color. Understanding the differences between these two options will allow you to decide easily.

Temporary Dog Hair Coloring

  • Temporary Vibrancy

Temporary dog hair coloring offers a vibrant transformation but with a limited duration. The color of your dog’s fur stays for a few weeks.

  • Try Different Colors

Pet owners have the chance to be creative with their dog’s hair color. With temporary color off of the dog’s fur, owners can try a different color.

  • Application Ease

Temporary dog hair colors are easy to apply and remove. It makes the grooming process easy for dogs.

  • Affordable

Temporary dog hair dyes are less expensive compared to permanent dog hair color.

  • More Flexibility and Less Commitment

Permanent dog hair coloring means that the pet owner has to take care of their dog’s fur for almost forever. Temporary dog hair coloring involves minimum maintenance and allows pet owners to experiment with different shades.

Permanent Dog Hair Coloring

  • Long-Lasting Impact

Permanent dog hair coloring offers long-lasting color retention. It is suitable for dog owners who want a forever and stagnant transformation

  • Professional Application

It is suggested for dog owners to get in touch with our experienced groomers to ensure a long-lasting result.

  • Expensive

Not only the permanent dog hair coloring service is expensive but the dog owners have to buy special dog shampoos, conditioners, and hair color solutions to ensure that that color stays the same.

  • High Maintenance

Pet owners who opt for permanent dog hair coloring have to ensure scheduled follow-up sessions at the groomers and maintain the coat themselves at home as well.

How to Choose the Right Color for My Dog’s Hair?

Choosing a color for your dog’s hair is not an easy decision. From hundreds and thousands of dog hair colors, selecting the one that makes you stand out will boggle your mind. The below tips will help you opt for the best dog hair color.

Tip 1: Consider Your Dog’s Coat Type

The natural color of your dog’s fur will play a significant role when choosing the perfect color of your dog’s hair. Some colors may seem vibrant on your dog’s coat while some may not be much noticeable.

Tip 2: Think About Your Dog’s Personality

You must know your dog’s temperament – opt for the colors that complement their unique traits. Subtle shades are suggested for dogs that are shy or calm while vibrant and bold colors are suggested for more outgoing dogs.

Tip 3: Choose Colors Based on Breed Characteristics

Some dog breeds have patterns on their coats. Before choosing a color for your dog’s hair ensure to do proper research on your dog’s breed characteristics – this will allow you to find colors that enhance their natural features.

Tip 4: Conduct a Patch Test

If you are not sure about the perfect dog hair color, we suggest that you do a patch test. We will use a temporary dog hair color of your choice on a small patch of fur.

Tip 5: Consider Seasonal Themes

Have fun with seasonal and festive themes. Choose a dog hair color that reflects the upcoming holidays, festivals, and seasons.

Tip 6: Think About Your Preference

Consider your own style and preference. Opt for the color that resonates with you and shows your pet-parenting style.


Keep in mind the keyword “dog hair coloring near me”, the rest reassured us, that at Brooklyn Pet Spa, we provide expert pet grooming services and guidance. We offer a blend of care and creativity to enhance the glam of your dog’s coat. The comprehensive guide for dog hair coloring is for pet owners to know what they are getting for their dogs and ensure and transformative journey with dog Hair coloring.


Ans: Yes, at Brooklyn Pet Spa, we use chemical-free and friendly ways to color your dog’s hair. We suggest pet owners go for light colors and opt for temporary dyes. It is safe for dogs this way.

Ans: Dog hair color lasts for 3 to 8 weeks. It also depends on the color brightness.

Ans: This depends on the type of color used on your dog’s coat. If you have opted for a temporary dog hair color, you will require frequent visits to the groomers. If your dog has permanent color, you will likely visit the groomers for maintenance only.


Ans: At Brooklyn Pet Spa, dog hair coloring costs $$.


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