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Brooklyn Dog Grooming Services at Brooklyn Pet Spa

Not all dogs are the same, which means not all grooming sessions will be the same. When you bring your dog to us, they’ll be greeted by experienced groomers who have seen it all. No matter how much of a mess they’re in, we’ll make sure they look as good as they can.

Rates based on breeds

A dog is like a math problem, but we don’t want to keep you waiting while we solve it. Instead, take a look at our rate chart below. 

Small Breeds – (Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier): Starting at $45

Medium Breeds – (Cocker Spaniel, Bulldog, Beagle): Starting at $55

Large Breeds – (Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd): Starting at $65

Giant Breeds – (Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland): Starting at $75

Our available services 

You’ll never hear us use big words to confuse you or your furry friend. We offer simple services that get them clean without any headaches.

These are the services we provide:

Bathing and Brushing

Haircut and Styling

Nail Trimming

Ear Cleaning

Anal Gland Expression

Teeth Brushing (if requested)

Why should you trust our groomer?

If I were to put my life in the hands of someone else on this planet —it’d be one of our staff members here. They know what they’re doing!

Experience: Multiple years if not decades with these animals 

Safety: We treat every pet as if it were our own!

Convenience: Located right in downtown Brooklyn 

Price: Knows how to groom without breaking the bank 

Serving all breeds at Brooklyn Pet Spa

I dare you to find a pet that we don’t like. We live and breathe dogs, which is why you can trust our experts to make them look nicer than they do now. Your pet will leave our shop feeling like they’re worth a million bucks.

Why grooming is important

Grooming isn’t just shampoo and conditioner. It helps keep your pets healthy in ways you couldn’t even imagine! 

Skin and coat health: Every bath gets them one step closer to healthier skin and shinier fur!

Catch issues before they worsen: Illnesses can start off small, but our groomers will notice anything unusual.

Mites be gone!: Our staff knows how to identify mites anywhere on your pet!

Comfort first: A nice cut makes them feel nice too!

Your dog would rather fight a human than sit through a bad grooming session. But that’s not going to happen at Brooklyn Pet Spa! We treat every pet like they’re the only one in the world.

These are all of the things we offer:

Customized Bathing

Styling and Haircuts

Spa Treatments (deep-conditioning treatments, pawdicures, aromatherapy sessions)

Special elderly dog care

Dogs stress out like people, and we don’t want that. Our groomers do everything they can to keep them calm before, during, and after their appointment. With proper training on how to handle a variety of dogs, they’ll go about their work without causing your furry friend anxiety or fear.

Getting them ready:

Don’t make your dog’s haircut appointment their first time being touched by someone other than you. You should get them used to being handled by regularly touching areas that will be tended to during an appointment—paws, ears, tail, etc.

Brush often: 

Brushing gets rid of matted and tangled fur so our groomers have a clean canvas to work with. And if your dog doesn’t like being touched by humans, it gives them another opportunity to get used to the feeling ahead of the appointment.

Pre-appointment exercise: 

If your dog is anxious or nervous before going anywhere new (or old), take them for a walk around the block before coming here. The more tired they are, the calmer they’ll be!

Bring something familiar:

We all have things we cling onto when we’re in an uncomfortable situation. If there’s anything you know your dog loves—blanket, ball, toy—bring it with you! It can provide comfort or distraction while our team handles them.

Unique treatment

At this salon? We don’t think all dogs should be treated as if they were one breed with one skin type and one temperament. That’s why our groomers take the time necessary to learn about each individual pup so that we can create a plan of attack that works best for them.

Advanced methods:

Some methods of grooming are better than others depending on what type of coat or fur your pup has—it’s just science! And our team knows it well. They’ve mastered advanced techniques like hand-stripping wire-coated breeds and breed-specific styling for show dogs. We also have gentle methods available if your dog has sensitive skin or anxiety issues.

Safety measures:

We believe cleanliness is next to dogginess. Or we should, anyway. After every use, our tools are cleaned and sterilized so that infections don’t spread. 

Comfy spa:

We know you love a cozy trip to the salon, so why shouldn’t your dog? We’ve done everything in our power to make our spa as comfortable for them as it would be for you—calming music, warm lighting, soft smells.

Educating owners:

Dogs come with a lot of questions. And while we don’t have all the answers, we’d love to help in any way that we can. So ask us anything! If you need assistance training your dog or giving them medication—we’re here.

Special services:

Puppy grooming intro: 

Puppies hate everything new. That’s why we offer this special puppy session! The sooner they get acclimated to the grooming process, the easier it’ll be down the line.

De-shedding treatments: 

Some dogs just shed more than others; there’s no changing that fact. But what you can do is reduce it! Our de-shedding treatments are designed for heavy shedders so you can have fewer hairs flying around your home.

Sensitive skin solutions: 

Just like humans, some dogs require a little extra TLC on their skin due to sensitivity or allergies. We’ve got hypoallergenic and medicated products available so they won’t feel left out anymore.

Community driven:

Yup… we really aren’t just another grooming salon! We care about animals in Brooklyn and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure their pet parents are happy too. Whether that’s participating in local events or supporting animal charities…we’re here!

Easy booking:

Don’t worry about any hidden fees, we understand that things can be expensive so we’ve made our services affordable and straight to the point. 

Your pet’s safety is our number one priority. If your pup doesn’t do well with others, we’ll make sure they get their own private suite and a walker trained in handling difficult dogs.

Our groomers know that every dog has a different personality. Some are friendly, some are shy — but no matter where your dog falls on the spectrum, we’ll make sure they get the care they need.

We invest in our employees because a skilled groomer is worth their weight in gold. That’s why we send our team to regular training sessions and seminars so they stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.

We also care about the environment! That’s why we use eco-friendly grooming products whenever possible. Not only are they better for the earth, but they’re gentler on your pet’s skin compared to harsh chemicals.

Enough about us — here’s what you can expect when you bring your pet to Brooklyn Pet Spa:

  – Aromatherapy Baths: Essential oils help soothe your pup during bath-time.

  – Blueberry Facials: Tearless cleaning of the precious (and sometimes stinky) face area.

  – Mud Baths: Detoxify Fido’s coat with mineral-rich mud baths for softness and shine.

Our spa hours were designed around your schedule so feel free to make an appointment at any time that works for you!

Here in Brooklyn, animals aren’t just animals — they’re family! We work with local shelters and rescue organizations by providing grooming services for homeless pets who need a little pampering before finding their forever homes.

Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t like going to the spa. Our mellow vibes will put even the most anxious pups at ease.

Also check out our blog for tips on caring for your pets between visits. It covers grooming advice, health tips and general information from experts in their field.

If you’ve ever tried cutting a Pomeranian’s hair yourself (please don’t), then you’ll understand why breed-specific grooming is so important. Our team is well-versed in the unique look of every breed, and they’ll make sure your pet leaves with that “just-groomed” shine.

Grooming isn’t just about looking good — it’s also an opportunity to catch early signs of sickness or injury. Our trained groomers know what to look for and will let you know if something seems off during your pet’s appointment.

Book a visit today — we can’t wait to meet your dog!

Grooming Services:

One of the things that we do often is cleaning ears. Our groomers are trained to be as gentle as possible while they work, so you don’t have to worry about your fur baby getting hurt. We know how important it is to stay on top of things like dirt or wax buildup because it could lead to infection and having sick pets isn’t fun for anyone.

Full-Service Spa Options:

We offer a full range of spa packages that each cater to different needs. If your pet just needs a quick bath and brush, then go with basic. But if they require something more intense try one of our other options with different treatments.

The Best Part About Freshly Groomed Pets:

They look great and smell even better! But grooming services are about more than appearances. Regular grooming keeps them healthy, which is why they’re always happy when they’re done here.

Excellence Above Everything:

Even if you didn’t notice, we want you to know that we provide professional service here at Brooklyn Pet Spa. Our team takes pride in what they do and hope that their passion shines through every interaction with clients.

Different Pets Need Different Approaches:

Our groomers have the skills and experience needed to assess what your pet’s needs might be. They will also consult with you about them before starting any treatment or service. Additionally, all pets are treated differently so that they feel comfortable throughout their visit here.

Spa Day Fun:

Baths, massages, haircuts: Oh my! Your pet will leave here feeling refreshed like never before! Don’t worry though, all the products we use are natural and good for their coats!

Stress-Free Grooming:

We understand that not everybody likes getting groomed sometimes – including our furry friends. That’s why our spa was designed to be as comfortable as possible! The groomers were also trained in gentle handling techniques too so that your pet stays calm throughout their stay here.

Top-Notch Equipment:

I guarantee that you haven’t seen grooming technology like what we use at Brooklyn Pet Spa. Our tools are gentle on your pet’s skin and coat but still produce perfect results. They’re also the most modern and best stuff you can get on the market today.

More Than Just a Pretty Face:

Cosmetic care is important, but our groomers are skilled in health issues too. They will assess your pet’s skin and fur during every visit to help identify any problems that need medical attention.

All Pets Are Welcome:

There’s no discrimination at Brooklyn Pet Spa! All breed, sizes, and personalities are welcome here. We believe that every animal has their own unique beauty and it’s our job to bring it out of them.

Building Relationships: 

Our clients aren’t just clients – they’re family. Trusting us with your pets means everything to us and we do not take that for granted. Our staff will provide excellent service every step of the way but also hope to build a friendly relationship with you too.

The more you bring your pet in, the better it is for you. Join our loyalty program and get real rewards that make a difference. From exclusive discounts to special offers and priority booking, we’ll take care of you if you keep on bringing your furry friend in.

We’ve made scheduling easy

Don’t want to call? No problem! Our online portal lets you schedule appointments with just a few clicks. Choose your services, pick an appointment time, and book away. Plus, we offer reminder services so that you never miss another grooming session again.

Connect with fellow pet lovers

Our love for pets knows no bounds and we know how much people can connect through their animals. That’s why we host a handful of different events throughout the year meant for connecting with others who love pets as much as you do! From fun-filled adoption days at local shelters down to educational workshops on how to be the best pet parent – We do it all!

Look good all year round

It’s always fun dressing up our fur babies here at Brooklyn Pet Spa. And if looking good every single day wasn’t enough then maybe these seasonal specials are just what you needed when it comes down to dressing cute for different holidays or times of the year.

Save some 

Think about picking up a gift card next time you come in! They’re perfect for any occasion here at Brooklyn Pet Spa. But if saving money is more your thing then don’t hesitate in using one of our frequent deals throughout the year so that you don’t have to break the bank when pampering your fur baby each time they need some grooming done.

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