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Should Cats Get Baths? Understanding Their Grooming Needs

Do Cats Really Need Baths: At some point, you’ve likely heard that cats hate water and will do anything to avoid contact with it, which is why they’re so great at cleaning themselves. This stereotype has led cat owners to believe that they wouldn’t touch water with a ten-foot pole except to drink it, and sometimes, they prefer the toilet bowl. When considering your cat’s hygiene, you may be wondering if you should leave the grooming and cleaning to them or if you should still get a cat bath service to make them squeaky clean.

Generally, cats don’t need baths except for special situations. While it’s not necessary to give them baths the same way dogs do, there are some instances where baths are good for your begrudging feline friend. 

When Does a Bath for a Cat Become Necessary?

Cats love exploring, which means they can’t help but be adventurous. Naturally, this is driven by instinct. On some of their explorations, they’ll inevitably get sticky and dirty as they squeeze themselves through nooks and crannies when locked on following something. Sometimes, your cat may get into something that smells funky, like getting sprayed by a skunk. They may also get uncomfortably sticky by diving into trash bins, looking through discarded food, or exposing themselves to sap, oil, mud, or toxic elements.

In these cases, cats usually try to self-clean, but you probably wouldn’t want them to ingest the sticky substances attached to their fur. The residue will also get onto your light-colored furniture and freshly cleaned carpet. In the process, they may even pick up bugs, bringing pests into your home that could also feed on your cat’s blood and cause infection or disease. When this happens, it’s best to give your cat a professional bath as soon as possible. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you don’t have creepy crawlies running around and your cat is safe and comfortable.

Bathing Based on Breed

However, some cats still need a cat bath service even when they don’t get into sticky situations. Certain breeds or conditions require a regular bathing routine to keep them in good health. For instance, if your cat has long hair, like Persians, it may be more difficult for them to keep their fur clean without external help. On the other hand, cats with less or no fur, like the Sphynx, require frequent baths to clean them of body oils. 

Bathing Based on Medical Reasons

Apart from breed or environment, your cat may require bathing due to medical conditions. Self-grooming can be challenging for elderly, obese, and arthritic cats or those with mobility issues that hinder them from doing basic self-cleaning. As a result, the back half of their coats become matted, which means their delicate skin becomes itchy and flaky, leading to discomfort and potential health issues. If your cat falls under these categories, you’ll want to bring them for a periodic bath at a professional cat spa.


Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or you’ve had several, figuring out their baths can be a little complex. By following our guide, you’ll have a general idea of when your cat needs a refreshing bath or if they can go a bit longer without one.

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