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A Comprehensive Guide to Determine If Cat Daycare Is Suitable for Your Feline Friend

A Guide to Knowing If Daycare: No pet owners experience a calm and worry-free heart while leaving their beloved cats or dogs in their homes. However, the scenario is inevitable. 

There will come a time where you need to leave your kitties on their own at home since you have responsibilities to accomplish. If you didn’t know, you might want to look into cat daycare facilities. 

Today, we will tell you more about cat daycare facilities and why you should consider them for your cats. Let’s get to it! 

What’s in a Cat Daycare Facility?

We understand that you’re worried about your precious cats, so you’re skeptical about leaving them to an unfamiliar place and people. But don’t worry because daycare facilities are specifically designed to make your cat feel comfortable and well taken care of while you’re away. 

Cat facilities have many fabulous amenities and offer expert medical care for your kitty. They also provide entertainment and enrichment opportunities, everything that can make your pet feel better while you’re not present. 

Reasons to Bring Your Cat to a Daycare Facility(A Guide to Knowing If Daycare)

As you know, leaving your cat home alone can take a toll on their behavior and health status. While some cats are less inclined to socialize with other cats, they could get lonely and even anxious if you leave them alone for more than twelve hours. As a general rule, never leave your kitty home alone for more than twelve hours; otherwise, they may act out in ways that are aggressive and potentially dangerous for you and others. 

That’s why you should think about taking them to a daycare if you won’t be with them at home. Not to fret, because a lot of pet boarding facilities provide hours to meet work schedules. 

You may wish to bring your kitty to the daycare before heading to work and pick them up right after your shift ends. That way, they will not be alone at your home since they can interact with their feline friends and spend time with other humans at the facility. 

How Do You Know If a Daycare Is Right for Your Cat?

As a cat parent, you need to make efforts to know if that facility can give your cat the best care possible. Before you drop off your cat in a daycare center, make sure to do some research. Check for reviews and see if their previous clients are satisfied with their service. 

Also, look into your cat’s dietary and medical needs. Find out if the facility provides on-site medical care and if the staff can stick to your kitty’s medication schedule. It’s best to determine if the daycare allows you to bring your cat’s own food, especially if they’re on a specific diet. 

Schedule a tour of the facility so that you can evaluate whether it’s the right place for your pet and be 100 percent sure about your decision. You can ask your veterinarian for recommendations as well. You can rest assured they can suggest facilities that are a good match for your cat’s temperament and health needs. 


There’s nothing to worry about when leaving your cat in an unfamiliar place or people. It’s better than leaving them home alone feeling lonely and anxious. You have to find the right cat daycare facility to ensure that your kitty is well taken care of. The right and best cat daycare facility can make your fluffy friend as comfortable as they are at home. 

Brooklyn Pet Spa is the best cat boarding facility in Brooklyn. We make sure that your pets are safe and having the time of their life! We have expertly trained and veteran pet handlers to give your pets some interaction, companionship, nutrition, proper exercise, and safety. Check out our daycare packages today! 

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