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Beagle Grooming Tips | Brooklyn Pet Spa

It is a common misconception that only dogs with long fur require grooming. However, like other dog breeds, beagles require grooming to ensure their health, maintain their coat, and keep them away from infections. In this article, we will run you through the steps to keep your beagle well-groomed. Some of these steps can be done in the comfort of your home to help form a strong bond with your dog.

Brushing your Beagle

Although beagles are less furry than other dog breeds, they still shed a lot. It is essential to brush them every two days. You may need to brush them more frequently if your beagle is prone to exploring and getting exposed to mud or dirt that can get stuck in their coat. This is a common scenario for curious breeds like beagles, even as you take them out on walks.

You can use a de-shedding tool to collect dead hair to not make a mess on your floor and furniture. The brushing process also sweeps away dirt and debris to ensure that your beagle’s fur is clean and in good shape. Beagles have a warm undercoat that they shed seasonally, so it helps to de-shed them more often when you see them dropping more fur than usual. This also allows them to feel lighter and relaxed during the warmer months.

Trimming your beagle’s nails

Dog nails can curl inward and become ingrown if you don’t trim them often. This can be painful for your beagle and will require professional care. It is recommended that you trim your beagle’s nails every 5-6 weeks or when you start hearing the clicking of their nails on the floor as they walk or run. Make sure not to trim the sensitive pink flesh under their nails. This is called the “quick,” which contains nerves and blood vessels. Trimming your dog’s nails too short can sever this delicate area and cause profuse pain and bleeding.

Bathing your beagle

Despite being short, the coat of beagles is tightly packed, quickly hiding dust and debris in between. It is important to bathe them every 4-6 weeks to keep their coat clean. They may require more baths if they are active. You can use a soap-free dog shampoo for your beagle and apply a conditioner for additional protection. This conditioner protects their fur from the elements such as dry air, hot sun, the cold, and possible contact friction damage.

Trimming Their Fur(Beagle Well-Groomed)

Unlike longer-haired dogs, beagles don’t need haircuts. However, if you are planning on entering a dog show, you will need to give them a light trim. You can hire a professional pet groomer trained to do dog show cuts for your dog. This would usually involve trimming the pads of their feet and the fur around their feet.

Beagle ears need cleaning

A beagle ears may be prone to infection, excessive hair growth, or wax-build up as their droopy ears create a dark and moist environment. There are ear-cleaning solutions available to eliminate odors, break up the wax build-up, and soothe irritation in the ears. You can apply this with a dampened cotton ball around the inside of the ear.

Do beagles need haircuts?

Yes, beagles need haircuts! Just like any other dog breed, their fur can get long and matted if left unchecked. A good grooming session every few months will keep your beagle looking and feeling his best.

And when it comes to finding the right groomer, you can’t go wrong with Brooklyn! Brooklyn pet spa has some of the best dog stylists in the business who are experts at giving beagles the perfect cut. So if you’re ever in need of a good beagle haircut, make sure to head on over to Brooklyn Pet Spa!

How to cut beagles nails?

If you’re thinking about how to cut beagles nails, the first thing you need to do is find a pair of scissors that are sharp enough. You don’t want to end up with ragged nails, so make sure your scissors are nice and sharp.

Next, take a look at your dog’s nails and determine where the quick is. The quick is the vascular tissue in the center of the nail that supplies blood to the rest of the nail. You’ll want to avoid cutting into this area, as it will bleed and be quite painful for your dog. Once you’ve located the quick, start trimming from there towards the tip of the nail.

Looking to get your beagle’s nails trimmed in Brooklyn? Look no further than Brooklyn Pet Spa! We offer the best nail clipping service in the borough, and our experienced staff will make sure your pup’s leaves look sharp. Plus, we offer a wide range of other grooming services to keep your beagle looking its best. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and schedule an appointment!


Beagles require dog grooming too. This process ensures that their coat is healthy and that they are kept away from potential infections. Are you looking for the best dog groomers in Brooklyn to groom your beagle? We at Brooklyn Pet Spa have professional dog groomers trained to groom specific dog breeds. Check out our dog grooming rates and book an appointment today!

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