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* Disclaimer:  Grooming prices will vary depending on the condition of your pet’s coat & the temperament of your pet.

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We use HYDRA Products, Only the Best Spa products!

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Grooming prices will vary depending on the condition of your pet’s coat & the temperament of your pet.

What is a Dog Spa?

There are many health benefits of giving your dog regular spa treatments. Not only does it make them look and smell amazing, but it helps improve their overall health and well being. Regular grooming sessions in a calm and sterile environment can help with early detection of skin and health issues, as well as soothe especially nervous pets.

Puppy Hygiene Services
Puppy Hygiene Services

How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

Though it depends a lot on your dog’s coat and medical needs, a good rule of thumb is about once a month. We’re always happy to consult with you on how often to schedule your dog wash service to best meet your pup’s needs.

Consult with our expert staff and take a trip out to our shop!

Spend a day bonding with your pet and really give your dog the royal treatment yourself. Our selfservice dog wash in Park Slope provides our customers with stellar equipment and a calm, clean environment to ensure both you and your pet fully enjoy your experience at our facility. Not only will your pet feel incredibly pampered, but the time and effort you spend on your favorite little guy will be a fulfilling adventure for you both.

This can be an especially rewarding experience if you have just newly adopted or fostered your pet or if your fur child tends to be more on the nervous or shy side. Take our topnotch, dog and cat grooming service!

Benefits of Dog Washing

Our grooming services give your pet’s fur coat an amazingly smooth and fine finish but also help revitalize their skin. Regular spa treatments improve both the look and smell of your loving companion, as well as helps ease anxiety in especially nervous pets.

Puppy Haircut Services


Big or small, thin or thick, our staff can bring out the best in your little buddy’s coat. Our grooming and dog wash services help with deshedding, especially thick coats, making your daytoday doggy care that much easier. Forget about vacuuming fur out of the carpet every morning with a regularly scheduled deshedding appointment!

Dogs with particularly thick coats also run the risk of overheating, and a regular thorough brushing can help them cool down and prevent dehydration. Playdates at the dog park can be completely worry free!

Consistent brushing and grooming are also crucial to prevent fur matting, particularly with dog breeds that have winter coats. De-mattifying fur can be time consuming and sometimes difficult with restless pets. Take the stress out of shedding season and let our staff give your pet first class treatment.

Dog Bathing Services


Does your pet have a bad case of the scratches? Regardless of thickness and length, dust and dirt at the roots eventually build up over time and may cause skin irritation. Our anti-itch treatment will not only effectively alleviate dandruff and itchiness, it will also bring out the color and vibrancy and greatly improve the overall finish of your fur baby’s gorgeous coat. Give your pet the soft, sleek shine your best bud deserves!

With owning a dog, whether they stay indoors or outdoors, fleas are inevitable. Our staff are professionally trained to gently but thoroughly comb through your pet’s coat to get rid of those pesky mites at the roots. This will significantly lower the risk of skin rash, irritation, and greatly improve the overall skin hygiene.
A professional groom makes a perfectly happy pooch!


Does Your Dog Constantly Scoot around on Your New Lovely Carpet?

Do you catch your dog scooting their adorable little behinds all over your favorite carpet? Have you noticed your pet excessively licking their privates? As cute as your furry friend may be, exhibiting these symptoms unfortunately could mean your pet is in dire need of an anal gland expression.

You and your dog’s anal glands

If your pet is overweight and or have a lack of fiber in their diet, they are at a higher risk of having anal gland problems. Hyperthyroidism, food sensitivities, and environmental allergies have also been linked to probable causes of anal gland irritation.

While most dogs are able to express their anal glands themselves, in certain cases human intervention may be needed. When dogs do their regular bowel movements, usually their stool can empty the anal sac naturally, but if your pet has had trouble defecating, the gland may need to be expressed manually.

Other symptoms include swelling in the rectum, diarrhea, swelling in or around the skin of the rectum, painful bowel movements, and/or blood or pus in their stool or in areas they have been lying around in.

If your dog displays any of the symptoms mentioned, we advise you to take them to a licensed veterinarian or vet technician immediately to receive a proper diagnosis.

How often do I need to express my dog’s anal glands?

Both cats and dogs often are able to express their glands by themselves naturally during their bowel movements. However, if your pet has had a history of anal gland problems, they made need to be expressed manually more often.

There are a number of things to consider regarding this topic, including, but not limited to, if they have had a medical history of obesity, allergies, hyperthyroidism, or recurring anal gland problems.

It is important to note that whilst it is important to have your pet’s anal glands expressed, there is such a thing as overdoing it, too. Whilst anal gland expression is not harmful to your pet, expressing a healthy anal gland too often can cause irritation or scar tissue when performed unnecessarily.

Let us take care of the mess for you!

While it is possible to express your pet’s anal glands yourself at home, there are many downsides to it. It can make quite the mess, not to mention awkward! Here at the Brooklyn Pet Spa, our staff are trained to make the experience as painless and care-free as possible for both you and your pet.

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Deep Conditioner

Helps hydrate the skin, opens the follucles of the hair and leaves the hair shiny, so definitely ask our staff about deep conditioner and treat your pet!

Cat Adoption Service Brooklyn

Cat Baths

It’s common knowledge that cats have an infamous hatred for water, and getting them into a bath can be difficult, even painful. They tend to generally keep themselves pretty clean, and, in some cases, there is such a thing as cleaning a cat too much. However, there are times when an all-around cat bath and a clean scrub-down is necessary.

Has your cat recently had a close encounter with a skunk? Having a hard time getting your rescue cat from raiding the trash cans? We at Brooklyn Pet Spa know how difficult it can be to give our favorite felines a thorough wash and would gladly take that off your hands!

Cat baths can also help cut down on hairballs and improve overall skin condition. We find that cat baths and grooming are especially helpful for senior cats who may find it difficult or tedious to clean themselves due to arthritis.

Cat Nail Trimming Services


Asides from keeping your home decor from getting shredded up, keeping your cat’s claws trimmed regularly can prevent serious injury from occurring. Split or untrimmed claw tips might catch on carpets or furniture and cause a painful broken claw.

Even at peak health, trimming your kitty’s claws can be quite the daunting task, especially if you own an adult cat who isn’t accustomed to it. Our staff are specially trained to calm any fussy feline and make every manicure session quick and worry free.


Additional fees for challening kitties.



Additional fees will apply for lion cuts + other specialty cuts. As well as challenging kittens!