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Deshedding & Dematting
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The Brooklyn Pet Spa Grooming Highlights

Our pet grooming services is the crown jewel of all our services here, at The Brooklyn Pet Spa. The pet groomers that call The Brooklyn Pet Spa “home” are experts and veterans in the dog styling trade. We pride ourselves in providing dog styling services worthy of top-tier dog shows. Give your dog the classic cut intended for their breed, or dream up something big and crazy to give your puppers.

We also cater to all feline friends in Brooklyn. Bring your cat for a calm and kind grooming session. Our groomers are also expert cat whisperers, able to relax the fussiest of felines. Whether your mouser is long-haired or short-haired, we’ll trim them down to ensure they’re their most comfortable in their fur.


Expertly Trained & Veteran Groomers


Skilled in Dog Show Tier Dog Styling


Dog Grooming with Care and Love


The Dog Styling of Your Buddies Dreams


Classic, Modern, and Contemporary Dog Styling Cuts


Calm and Relaxed Grooming Environment


Healthy and Reliable Deshedding Techniques


Safe and Comfortable Nail Trimming


Experienced Cat Nail Cutting


Can Calm any Cat


* Disclaimer : Grooming prices will vary depending on the condition of your pet’s coat & the temperament of your pet.



Shampoo & Conditioning

Blow Dry/Blow Out

Nailing Clipping & Filing

Ear Cleaning

Anal Gland Expression(by request)

Fluff Dry + Hair Cut

Dental Inspection

We use HYDRA Products, Only the Best Spa products!

Spa Add-Ons

* Disclaimer : Grooming prices will vary depending on the condition of your pet’s coat & the temperament of your pet.

Irritation Remedy $10

Protein & Omega Shedding Remedy $20-$25

Odor Remedy $10

Calming Shampoo $20-$25

Antioxidant Whitening $10-$20

Ear Hair Plucking $15

Brushing $15

Teeth Brush  $15

Hair Coloring $30 + Up

Deep conditioner $22-$40

Sheddless treatment $30-$50


Inquire about our breed specific classic dog styling:

Affenpinscher · Afghan · Airedale · Akita · Alaskan Malamute · American Cocker Spaniel · American Eskimo · American Water Spaniel · Australian Shepard · Australian Terrier · Bearded Collie · Bedlington Terrier · Bernese Mountain Dog · Bichon Frise · Black Russian Terrier · Border Terrier · Border Collie · Bouvier · Briard · Brittany Spaniel · Brussels Griffon · Cairn Terrier · Catton de Tulear · Cavalier King Carles Spaniel · Chihuahua · Chow Chow · Clumber Spaniel · Cockapoo · Cocker Spaniel · Collie · Corgi · Dachshund · English Cocker Spaniel · English Setter · Flat Coated Retriever · German Shepherd long haired · Giant Schnauzer · Goldendoodle · Golden Retriever · Gorden Setter · Great Pyrenees · Havanese · Irish Wolfhound · Irish Terrier · Jack Russell · Japanese Chin · Keeshond · Kerry Blue Terrier · Labradoodle · Mini Labradoodle · Lagotto Romagnolo Italiano · Lakeland terrier · Lhasa Apso · Maltese · Meeke · Mini Schnauzer · Newfoundland · Norfolk Terrier · Norwich Terrier · Nova Scotia Retriever · Old English Sheepdog · Papillon · Peekapoo · Pekingese · Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen · Pomeranian · Poodle · Schnauzer · Mini Poodle · Portuguese Water Dog · Pug · Saint Bernard · Samoyed · Scottish Terrier · Sheltie · Shih tzu · Siberian Husky · Skye Terrier · Spinone Italiano · Springer Spaniel · Tibetan Spaniel · Tibetan Terrier · Toy Poodle · Welsh Terrier · Welsh Springer Spaniel · West Highland Terrier (Westie) · Wire Fox Terrier · Wheaten Terrier · Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)New

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