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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Brooklyn Pet Spa believe in cages?

Brooklyn Pet Spa is absolutely a cage-free facility! We provide plenty of room for your pet to walk, drink and get their rest under the watchful supervision of our highly trained dog handlers. Crating will only be used as an option if our professionals feel its best suited for your pets safety and individual needs in the evening hours.

Do you take my dog outside for a walk?

Absolutely! We are an indoor facility, but all dogs who are with us for a full day of daycare will be treated to a nice dog walking adventure by our trained walkers.

What if my dog gets sick or hurt?

We take all possible precautions to ensure your pets safety while with us at the Brooklyn Pet Spa. In the event a dog is injured or feeling ill our professionals will immediately evaluate them, contact you as the owner & seek veterinary care if it is needed.

Can you continue giving my pets medications?

Yes! Simply provide us with the medication & adminstration instructions. Our staff will be happy to continue your care regimen for your furry loved one.

Do you provide dog food?

If your dog is boarding with us at Brooklyn Pet Spa or just here at a full day of daycare, we require your dogs food from home. A sudden change of diet is not ideal, and may upset your pets digestive system.

What vaccinations are required?

We follow strict guidelines set forth by the NYC Department of Health here at The Brooklyn Pet Spa. The NYC DOH requires all dogs be vaccinated against Rabies, DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvo) and Bordetella. Please consult with your veterinarian to ensure proper vaccine coverage is being met. Our staff will require documentation of your pet’s vaccinations, and we’ll help you keep you keep current!

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